California Consumer Privacy

As a resident of California, you have new privacy rights and more control over your personal information than ever. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) applies to most businesses, including ours, and our web portal has pages to explain your new rights under CCPA and things like the types of personal information we have collected. It also provides a way for you to submit requests based on these rights. These pages are described here:
The Notice at Collection page provides you with details about the information we collect from you and how we might use it.
The Right To Know page lists the type of information you can request from us that we have specifically about you. It also gives you a link to the page where you can submit your request for this information.
The Right To Delete page explains your rights about requesting that we delete personal information you have provided to us. It includes a link to the request submission page as well.
The Do Not Sell My Information page describes your right to opt-out of our selling information about you to third parties. It, too, has a link to the request submission page for you to exercise this right.
Non-Discrimination & Opt-In Incentives details your protection against discrimination if you chose to exercise any of your rights under CCPA. It also explains about incentive programs and your choice to opt-in to these programs.
Click the pages above to navigate through your rights as well as the options and services available to you. You can also contact us at 833-303-2724 if you have additional questions.
For your convenience, the full text of our California Privacy Policy can be viewed at