Your Right to Opt Out

CCPA grants consumers the right to prohibit certain businesses from selling their Personal Information to third parties. However, under CCPA none of the NGHC family of companies sell your Personal Information. With your prior consent, we will share your Personal Information with trusted network of partners to help you obtain insurance quotes that you have requested.
As mentioned in the Overview insurance-related information is regulated by laws other than CCPA, like GLBA. Our customers, including policyholders and insured individuals, still have the right to opt out of our sharing their Nonpublic Personal Information (NPI) with our affiliates and non-affiliates in certain situations, such as for marketing.
Additionally, your choice to opt out is applied to your policy and all individuals covered by it. Your choice remains in effect unless you expressly tell us otherwise. This means you only have to request to opt out once for your policy even though the information about the right to opt out is still included in our annual privacy notice as required by law.
For a full description of your rights, please see the section Right to Opt Out in our California Privacy Policy.
You can opt out of our sharing your policy’s Nonpublic Personal Information as described above by going to the Exercise My Rights page on this portal. You will need your policy number(s) to submit this request.
Last updated on June 2, 2021